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"I have went to many chiropractors with my back problems. But with Dr. Lau’s technique using chiropractics, muscle therapy, and his understanding of the human body has helped my back in as little as three sessions, truly a miracle worker couldn’t say enough great things about Tulsa Natural Health and Chiropractic Center. Also he has an amazing secretary and they always get back to you immediately!"

- Timothy Forsyth

"I love this business and their approach with full body healthcare. I have been to other Chiropractor Clinics that pushed medication at me or asked for thousands of dollars up front. This is a real, natural care and solution to many of the problems I have experienced for years!! Quality care and affordable rates, everything you are looking for!"

- Genna McClain

"I'm a return client. I saw Dr. Lau 15 years ago for a back injury. He was kind and helped me feel better. When I injured my shoulder, I came back to him because I received such GREAT CARE."

- DaShon Ngardu

"Dr. Lau and his staff have created a great atmosphere. They are wonderful people and Dr. Lau has helped relieve my pain on more than one occasion. Upper and lower spine. Very professional as well."

- Debbie Jones

"I have been to quite a few chiropractors, yet have never had near the care that Dr. Lau has provided me. He truly cares about treating the whole body and it shows in the results. I came to him after I had gone camping at the Grand Canyon. After only one night of sleep, I could barely walk. After a few months, I went on a similar camping trip and woke with little to no back pain whatsoever. As someone who enjoys activities, I cannot recommend Dr. Lau’s expertise enough. The only aspect of the experience that could remotely rival his work is in is staff who are incredibly kind, considerate, and work very hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly. I could not ask for better chiropractic care in any facet."

- Edward Perry

"Dr. Lau does wonders for my back. Explains the process and helps you with exercises to keep your back healthy . He does more of a natural healing and listens to your concerns. You feel welcome from the minute you walk in and are greeted with a warm smile to when you leave. Love this place and I highly recommend it."

- Cindy Parks

"They are fantastic professional people! They work with your schedule, and truly care. When I am unable to come in for a while, they call to check and make sure I'm alright. The office and the people are warm and welcoming. I appreciate all they do."

- Renee Jestice

"Dr Lau and staff are the greatest! I went in for back pain that was not improving thru my previous chiropractor. I was 90% out of pain after my first treatment from Dr Lau! I could always get in if I had to make a last minute appointment. I have felt so good and continue to go for maintenance appointments now. He’s the best!"

- Jud Pro

"I have been a patient at Natural Health for many years. Dr. Lau and his staff are excellent at what they do."

- Candy Cameron

"I started coming here when i pulled a muscle in my lower back. After about 4 months of treatment I feel better than i did before i pulled my back! At times i could not stand up straight, and now am doing cardio classes every week and do not experience any pain. The visits have been so pleasant - from a friendly & knowledgeable staff to a clean & professional environment. I was educated by the Doctor on how to strengthen my back and after taking steps to recovery as well as getting adjusted on his recommended schedule, i really do feel like a new person. Highly recommended."

- Raisa Udovenko

"I've had severe shoulder pain for years and have gotten shots, taken medicine/used creams, done physical therapy, massages, etc. And nothing has really worked long term. I just started going to this doctor , I've been about 3 or 4 times and I already notice a difference in my pain levels and shoulder tightness. I believe with a handful more appointments I'll feel much better. The environment, decor and staff are nice and welcoming as well."

- Keisha Spotwood

"I started coming after they visited my school and did massages for the teachers (swoon!). Everyone is so amazing and friendly and it feels like a family (this is supremely important to me)! When I first visited, Dr. Lau went over all the different paths the treatments for my neck and shoulder could take and was very open with the fact that not everything was solved in just a few office visits. I've been visiting regularly for two solid months now and I'm so pleased with the results! I've really enjoyed all of the different types of treatments used with me and I feel like the combination of the various adjustments have been working to reduce my pain and discomfort by such a big margin that I plan to keep up with my visits so I can maintain a minimal level of discomfort in my everyday life."

- Sarah Vance

"Dr. Lau and his staff always make me feel welcomed and relaxed. I have a tendency to forget appointments. They remind me frequently so I can make my appointment. And they are always kind. That is a big deal for me!"

- Jeremy Stevens

“My visits to Dr. Lau were very successful. I went for treatment on my right shoulder and he also gave me a big healing on my spinal cord. I used a cane after surgery on my back but after his treatments I found I had my balance back and no longer needed to walk with s cane unless we had icy streets. I will continue seeing Dr.Lau for realignment in the future.”

- Shirley Andrews


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