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Proper nutrition plays a vital role in wellness, and that is why nutritional counseling and supplements in Tulsa OK are an important part of many chiropractic treatment plans. It is also why we are now offering Standard Process supplements to chiropractic patients. These award-winning nutritional supplements are produced according to the strictest quality standards. Standard Process manufactures a complete range of vitamin and supplement products to meet the nutritional needs of any patient.

Quality Whole Food Supplements in Tulsa OK

The philosophy of chiropractic care is based on supporting the body's ability to heal itself. With proper care and nutrition, you will be surprised at your body's ability to recover from even the most severe illness. Chiropractic adjustments remove vertebral subluxations that can impair nerve and muscle function, leading to pain and mobility issues as well as illness. Proper nutrition gives the body the nutrients it needs to heal and function properly, and Standard Process supplements can be an important part of a chiropractic nutrition plan.

Standard Process supplements have been trusted since 1929 because they are made from whole food nutrients, cooked and processed in such a way as to not compromise their nutritional integrity. These whole food supplements are blended with other plant and animal ingredients to create unique supplements targeted for a range of different health situations.

We have chosen to offer Standard Process supplements to our patients because these supplements are made according to some of the strictest quality standards in the world. Many supplement manufacturers have only recently begun making their supplements according to the same rigid quality control standards that Standard Process has been implementing since day one.

How is Standard Process Different?

Standard Process supplements are the result of painstaking work by a team of microbiologists, chemists, and other scientists. Each batch of supplements is tested six times on average, and Standard Process's quality-control team performs an average of 1,100 quality control tests each week. Standard Process produces many of its own whole food ingredients on its own certified organic farms. The animal products used are obtained from USDA-certified American facilities.

All of this effort produces a supplement that provides nutrients exactly as they are found in nature. Why not just eat foods containing the necessary supplements, you may ask? Many of our patients come to us after years, or even decades, of eating the standard American diet. They are suffering from the cumulative health effects of many years of poor eating. As a result, many patients are suffering from longstanding nutritional deficiencies, musculoskeletal weakness and injury, and other health complications. While simple dietary changes are part of the wellness picture for most patients, they alone are not enough to restore health for many. These patients need the concentrated whole food nutrition found in Standard Process supplements.

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