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Dr. Michael Lau

"As a kid growing up on a farm in Nebraska, I developed a number of health issues. My parents took me to doctor after doctor, looking for any solution that could help me with my pain. Eventually we stumbled upon a chiropractor at the edge of our small farm town. The moment I walked out of my first personal chiropractic experience, I knew that it was a game-changer. Later on in life, of course, I decided that I wanted to help others experience the freedom and relief that chiropractic had given me.

If you’re dealing with neck pain, headaches, lower back pain, numbness, I would love to offer you a free consultation. That’s just a time for me to sit down with you, find out a little bit about your condition, your history and most importantly your story. I like to approach each patient with a blank slate, because what works for one person may not be the best approach for someone else. That’s why at Natural Health we have a custom-fit philosophy, where we tailor the treatment to your unique situation. If you’re in the Tulsa area, come on by and tell us your story. I’d love to help you on your wellness journey." – Dr. Michael Lau